Julie Hanney - Pianist, Composer, Performer



Julie's music can be a little hard to classify.  It contains elements of new age piano, impressionistic piano, jazz piano and romantic music, but it doesn't neatly fit into any single category.  What you find with Julie's music are memorable melodies, songs that invoke a feeling of relaxation, songs that bring a flow of emotions and songs that demonstrate artistry in their composition and performance. 

Julie's Christmas CD titled A Peace-Filled Christmas contains 12 songs that truly bring a feeling of peace to what can be a hectic season.  With inventive arrangements of classics old and new, you will find yourself breathing a little deeper, feeling calmer and experiencing the true spirit of Christmas.

Painting in Sound, Julie's first CD release was inspired by the natural world of forests, water, canyons, birds and more.  Please browse around this site to listen to/purchase her music, and if you would like to contact Julie, email her at juliehanneypiano@gmail.com.  If you are interested in purchasing sheet music, we will have that available soon, so please email Julie with your sheet music requests.