Julie Hanney - Pianist, Composer, Performer



Julie Hanney

Julie Hanney was born in Redmond, Oregon and began studying the piano when she was five years old.  Although she didn't continue the lessons for too long (her grandmother was her teacher and that didn't work out so well), she continued to love music, play the piano on her own and write music.  When she was fifteen she was taken under the wing of her high school choir director, Glenn Swearingen, who gave her piano lessons as well as music theory lessons.  This opened the universe for Julie and she broadened her musical palate, continued to write music, regularly practiced until 2am, formed bands and performed at local venues.  After studying music at George Fox University for one year, she transferred to the University of Oregon where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, with a special focus on composition.  She did post-graduate studies in composition with Dr. Robert Kyr at the U of O. 

Julie is a published composer under her previous name, Julie Wheeler.  She has composed for piano, choir, string quartet and a variety of other ensembles.  Her compositions and arrangements for choir are available for sale on websites such as JW Pepper. https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/search.jsp?keywords=julie+wheeler 

Julie has been commissioned to compose pieces for choirs, string quartets, cello ensembles, piano duets and more.  The piano was Julie's first love and she has played professionally for many years as a soloist, as the director of a community choir, in churches and as an accompanist.  Painting in Sound is her first official album release, and it represents a lifetime of learning, experiencing and growing.

Julie's music is inspired by the natural world.  From waterfalls to forests to oceans and falling leaves, the beauty and natural music of creation is something that Julie loves to capture with her musical paintings.

In addition to performing as a solo pianist, Julie is one of two members of 20 Fingers Piano Duo.  Kyle Pickard, a talented pianist with an affinity for jazz, is the other member. 20 Fingers performs at a variety of venues and is working on recording their first CD.

(Image: Julie and her duet partner Kyle Pickard of 20 Fingers Piano Duo)

Julie teaches piano in Bend, Oregon and loves to inspire people to pursue music for the pure joy of creating music.

Julie is the Director of the Gospel Choir of the Cascades as well as the One Day Gospel Choir.  These choirs are currently on hiatus, but gather together a few times of year for special concerts, usually a Christmas concert and a spring concert.

(Image: Julie with the Gospel Choir of the Cascades)

When Julie isn't engaging with music in one form or another, she loves to go on adventures with her husband, her dogs and her kids.  Kayaking, hiking, camping and exploring are how Julie recharges and gains inspiration for her compositions.

(Image: Julie and husband Derwyn kayaking at Ochoco Lake)

(Image: Julie and Derwyn in the Wallowa Mountains)

(Image: Ella the Sheepadoodle on her first birthday in St. Maries, Idaho)

(Image: Julie with Lily the Labradoodle - who has amazing empathetic and almost psychic abilities - she seems to know when we are coming home, when we are going on a walk and when she is going to the vet! Lily loves to lay under the piano while I play.) :-)