Julie Hanney

Julie is a an award winning pianist, composer, performer and teacher who lives near the mountains in Oregon.  Her music spans several genres including neoclassical, romantic, new age, jazz and modern interpretations of classics by the masters.  

Julie's newest album titled Everyday Miracles is coming out on January 13, 2023 on the Heart Dance Records label. These fourteen unique songs were created from a place of experiencing "everyday miracles" through fresh eyes. In spite of all of our troubles, there is so much that is beautiful and true, and this album seeks to sonically express the wonder of these experiences. 

Julie began playing piano as a small child and started writing her own music soon after she learned the names of the keys. She received her formal music education at the University of Oregon where she graduated with a degree in Music with special emphasis on piano and composition. She then studied composition at the graduate level and is a published composer of works for piano, choir and various instrument combinations. She has arranged and composed music for the Jones Road String Quartet, the Bend Cello Collective, the Gospel Choir of the Cascades and various community, church and school choirs. 

Music reviewer Rob Benny said of her music, "Expressive without being pretentious or needlessly flashy, Julie’s music is performance with an aura – one which will emotionally move you in many ways." This is her goal in sharing the music she receives - that it would indeed move others.  

In January of 2021 she released a full-lenth album with Heart Dance Records titled Where the Ocean Meets the Sky. This album was dedicated to her mother who passed in 2020. Her previous albums Painting in Sound and A Peace-filled Christmas have been heard around the world on streaming platforms, and A Peace-Filled Christmas was nominated for Holiday Album of the Year in 2019 on SoloPiano.com. Her songs have won awards and have been featured on numerous popular playlists, radio stations, blogs and streaming sites. Some of her songs play on Sirius XM's Spa channel. Her piece Gift of the Morning Sun won Beloved Modern Neo-Classical Piano song from Raighes Music Factory in 2021. Two of her songs: Flow and Holy Ground were selected to play on international airlines in 2021 and 2023. Her single Blue was nominated for Best Solo Piano Single by One World Music Radio. Julie has also been delighted to have her songs played regularly on Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, River of Calm, Peaceful Currents Radio, One World Music Radio and many more radio stations and streaming sites. Her album A Peace-Filled Christmas was nominated for Holiday Album of the Year in 2019 on SoloPiano.com. 

Julie is also the founder of Peace Through Music, which is a series of concerts that unite people to spread peace while raising money for non-profts who are making peace in the world. She is starting a new concert series in 2023 called Sacred Sound, which will provide space for ancient and modern songs to be sung and shared in public spaces so that all people of all faiths can experience the beauty and power of sacred music.

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