A Peace-Filled Christmas

Julie Hanney

Soothing yet inventive piano arrangements of favorite Christmas carols that evoke feelings of peace and comfort.

Julie Hanney's music has the ability to touch people deeply. There is something unique about her songs, whether it be original pieces or arrangements of well-loved tunes. She breathes life into the piano that translates across cultures and ages. Her playing is soothing, yet inventive enough to keep your attention and take you on a musical journey.

The twelve songs on Julie's CD titled A Peace-Filled Christmas are just that: soothing, yet inventive. You have probably heard many of these tunes before, but not quite like this. There are elements of jazz (Vince Guaraldi), new age (George Winston) and classical/romantic piano that are fused together in a delightful way. This CD will be a welcome addition to your holiday playlist because it embodies the peaceful side of Christmas. Less shopping, more candlelight. Less stress, more gratitude. Less striving, more being.

Julie Hanney has been described by reviewers as "If George Winston and Erik Satie had a musical baby." This humorous yet accurate description is evident on her prior release titled Painting in Sound, as well as her holiday album A Peace-Filled Christmas.

Julie lives in Bend, Oregon where she has been a professional musician for many years. She is a published composer, performer, teacher and music director. She is inspired by the natural beauty of Oregon - forests, lakes, rivers and the ocean. When she's not making music she enjoys going on adventures with her husband and their two dogs, kayaking, collaborating with her musical children and leading a contemplative prayer/meditation group.

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