The web-based qualifier and hopeful poker star busted the European Poker Visit (EPT) Barcelona Headliner in 67th spot, during the principal level of Day 4. For his endeavors, he stashed €23,650, the second-biggest score of his poker profession. However, when you think about that 1) this was Kacprzak’s lady EPT Headliner, and 2) he booked his outing to Barcelona for just €5, his run turns into even more great.

“It’s my fantasy to play poker professionally,” he says, en route to the payouts work area. “I’m sincerely attempting to take the plunge.” From home games in companions’ carports in his teenagers to Barcelona and the EPT, Marcin Kacprzak has delighted in all in all an excursion.

Everything began before this year when Kacprzak – who lives and works in Germany in the car business – was playing a normal web-based poker meeting on PokerStars. His typical purchase in is currently €50 – up from €30 toward the beginning of 2023, because of a fine run of structure.

“I was crushing to no one’s surprise and I thought I’d take a stab at a bonus,” he says. “I thought, we should attempt to win a bundle to the EPT.” He’s attempted to qualify previously, without any result. However, this time was unique. His process started in a €5.50 satellite. He then won a seat in a €55 satellite, before at last coming to a €530 qualifier. He went as far as possible and won a full bundle: His €5,300 Headliner purchase in, in addition to inn and costs for seven days in lovely Barcelona.

ONE Bit nearer
One piece of the EPT experience that was pristine to Marcin Kacprzak and numerous qualifiers like him is playing before cameras under the brilliant television lights. It’s one thing to out of nowhere be playing against harder rivalry than you’re utilized to. However at that point you likewise have cameras catching the activity – and each response.”It’s totally different,” he says. “Once in a while I didn’t have the foggiest idea what to do, yet it was enjoyable. I think, in time, it will become ordinary.”

This score makes Kacprzak’s one stride nearer to his poker master objective, yet for the present, now is the right time to appreciate Barcelona with his better half. “She has truly partaken in her outing,” he says. “She’s been wherever touring. Presently I can join her and we’ll have our vacation.






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