Jazzy Piano Jams - listening instructions below

YouTube videos of all of the songs in Jazzy Piano Jams, a fun songbook for level 4+ can be found by clicking HERE or clicking on the photo of the songbook above. You can also search for the songs by name on YouTube. 

The Jazzy Piano Jams songbook is available for purchase on Amazon.com. Click HERE or search for it on Amazon by name. This songbook is great for jazz-loving students and pianists of all ages.

Songbook information: 
Jazzy Piano Jams is a wonderful collection of eleven original jazz piano solos for level 4+ that will make you smile! In this unique songbook you will play many different styles of jazz: blues, smooth jazz, boogie woogie, jazz waltz, stride piano, jazz ballad and even ragtime, a precursor to jazz. Songs in the book: So Smooth * Für Elise (When She Goes Dancing) * Bassline Blues * Jazzier Café * Ballad for Lily * Jazz Waltz * Squirrel Jazz * Karate Chop Rag * Jammin' Around the Circle * Train to Chicago * Two-Five-One. 

While playing solo piano you can’t trade solos with a saxophonist, but you can be the whole darn band… keeping the rhythm, playing the bassline, taking the melody, improvising and more. This book is unique from other jazz piano songbooks because it was written by a piano teacher who understands the challenges of learning to play jazz music. She composed the pieces to sound authentic and impressive without being at an advanced level. Some of the pieces may look a little tricky, but by learning the notes and listening to the recordings that are available online, you should be able to get the feel of the songs.