Lucas Scafini gets back let get games pc online to the European Poker Visit (EPT) Barcelona Headliner today with a short stack. Be that as it may, you wouldn’t know it when you converse with him.”I realize I will be the boss,” he says when requested from his arrangement for the afternoon. “It’s simple!”Making an example out of brazilian is basically incomprehensible. To grasp the force of positive reasoning, simply stand in his circle for a couple of moments.

Scafini is irresistible to the point that, back in Monte Carlo in May 2022, even the megastar soccer player Neymar Jr. chosen to come and support him as Scafini was at the last table of the FPS Headliner.

Scafini said today that he didn’t know Neymar before that day, however that he simply needed to support an individual Brazilian.

It ended up being simply the lift Scafini expected to contend triumph over a field of 1,918 passages and bank a €250,000 first award. It was the greatest award of his vocation up to this point, and Neymar properly jumped in the champ’s photograph with him.

“It was the greatest day of my life,” Scafini said. “Awesome.”

Neymar Jr. joins Scafini’s champ photograph

With the triumph, Scafini finished an excursion that started when he was scarcely into his 20s. On his Instagram page, he portrays his excursion: “a long time back I went with the main choice of my life. I chose to turn into a business visionary. I recollect this like today, a 21-year-old kid, without structure… With a ton, a ton of readiness, coarseness and assurance to make the thing right, to transform me, to turn the page, to get my future going!”

At that point, he was portraying his response to getting an honor in the Versatile Broadcast communications industry. However, an additional couple of months after the fact, there he was close by Neymar and a tremendous FPS prize.

“Incredible!!! Dreamlike!!! Living a dream💭 😍!!!” he composed then, at that point. “Any individual who plays poker knows that it is so difficult to have this second and this day has at last shown up for me!! I have no words to depict this! Much obliged to you God for this accomplishment! FPS Headliner Monte Carlo Champion!!!”

From that point forward, poker has been Scafini’s concentration. He was a PokerStars qualifier to this occasion in Barcelona, yet conceded today that he busted his most memorable shot and reappeared. That implies he’s in fact as of now not a web-based qualifier, however we’re about to copy Neymar and hop on the Scafini train too.

There are just two qualifiers left in the field of 32 going into Day 4, including Scafini, so we can’t stand to lose him now.

The other is Romania’s Mircea Flutur, partaking in his lady cash on the EPT. Flutur has currently dramatically increased the biggest money of his poker vocation to date essentially by arriving at Day 5, or more it’s his most memorable outcome beyond his nation of origin.

He also is a short stack toward the start of Day 5, however will expect to run it up. In the event that he does, we will converse with him and figure out a smidgen more. Watch this space…






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