It’s generally at this moment in time that Thomas Boivin begins twofold really looking at his bag to ensure he has The Shirt with him. Which shirt? Indeed, the shirt that is something of a legend among Belgian poker players, obviously. Boivin and Michael Gathy are put second and fifth, separately, on the Belgian all time poker cash list and have been to various last tables in significant occasions. Gathy has four Worldwide championship arm bands; Boivin is a previous Hot shot victor on the EPT. Also, that is only the beginning of it.

A couple of years prior the pair — as well as kinsmen Johann and Terry Schumacher — began wearing an especially attractive shirt if at any time one of them made a last table. It has additionally been lent out to different players, including Australian arm band champ Heidi May, in the event that they come to the last day.

The “Last Table Shirt” presently accompanies them to each occasion they play and they’re generally prepared to get it out as the last stages move close.

AN EPT Presentation?
Boivin, who sat in fourteenth spot of the 32 players getting back to play Day 5 of the EPT Barcelona Headliner, affirmed toward the beginning of today that the shirt is to be sure in his control. He has never been to an EPT Headliner last table previously, and neither has The Shirt.

Boivin proceeded to portray the “disco” shirt (“It looks awesome under lights”) and the “panther” shirt, solely uncovering that he has the panther print plan here in Barcelona.

Great Structure
“The Shirt has been to two last tables currently this year,” Boivin says. “There was a player in it,” he adds, to stay away from disarray. Which player? “All things considered, it was me,” he says.

Both those exhibitions came at the Seminole Hard Rock, in Florida, and brought about one $711,300 by and large win, and one $214,370 second spot. The Shirt is plainly in great structure, yet the way that near the last table does Boivin should be to begin pressing the shirt?






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